Bali Cycling are very fun

Cycling is one of the sports that demand very much, especially cycling while enjoying the fresh air, beautiful scenery and guides profesional. As well as that we provide here. If you want to exercise while enjoying the scenery does not hurt to take this package. More over, cycling on a former black lava eruption of Mount Batur in 1963 is absolutely amazing.



  The starting point for a cycling trip that we started from Kedisan. Here we will feel the cool breeze as you walk along the shores of Lake Batur, with a panoramic view of Mount Batur (1717 m) on your left and Mt. Abang to the slopes and tropical forest on your right. We provide […]

Cycling is is one of the activities for cycling downhill from Kintamani area surrounded by fresh air and the scenery is very green trough villages, temples, rice paddies in Bali and will finish in the Ubud area. On your tour, we will watch the parade pass through rural life as we cycle, stopping along the […]