Bali Jungle

Bali Jungle “Sekumpul Waterfall Jungle Trekking”

This is one photo of Bali Jungle

This is one photo of Bali Jungle

Bali jungle Adventure activities conducted on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 with Alex, Nena and Jene very satisfying. We pass adventures of the Lemukih village towards the village Sekumpul. They are very good and very funny. I as a guide of company Bali Trekking Adventures say thank you very much for the activities that have been carried out and on your satisfaction. I picked up them  at Dekuta Hotel at around 5:00 am and take a trip to the waterfall Sekumpul through Bedugul, and arrived at the parking Lemukih around 07.00 am. There we get one local guided from the village Sekumpul and he helped carry supplies such as breakfast and etc. We take a trip that passes through the mountain scenery, paddy and jungle. We arrived at the waterfall around 9:45 am and there and we take shower in a waterfall the water is very clean and large. Because very pleased to see the sights and natural beauty there we spent about 2 hours, then off again towards the parking lot and arrival on the park around 12:20 pm hours later there we enjoyed lunch together. After enjoying lunch we headed back to the hotel with a different travel route that passes kintamani. Because the scenery is so beautiful Kintamani we enjoyed the view from Penelokan. We arrived at 2:15 pm and  there spent about 1 hour 30 minutes, because they take some pictures. Because at that time the weather is very nice with no fog that blanketed the mountain scenery Batur, Lake Batur, Mount Abang etc. Then we continued our journey to civet coffee and arrived there around 04.00 pm. Then set off again toward the Batuan temple located in Sukawati-Gianyar. Than back to the hotel, and arrived at the hotel around 07.00 pm. Although our travel plans was not until the night if according to the travel schedule but I am as tour guides always provide the best service to our customers. It is an amazing journey.

Geography Batuan Temple

Batuan is located in central Bali about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south of Ubud and about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) northeast of Denpasar contiguous to northernSukhawathi village, another well-known art center.[4][5][6] The land in this part of Bali is very flat. The area covered by the town excluding agricultural lands is 6 square kilometres (2.3 sq mi). The town is bounded by streams flowing through chasms or gorges, which provide water supply to the town. Apart from the streams that flow through the town, there are also irrigation canals sourced from upstream dams which provide irrigation facilities to large tract of paddy fields that surround the village, which was the back bone of the sustenance economy in the past; economy is now largely dependent on tourist influx and the town is now part of “World Economy.” By 1995, the village had paved roads.[7]

The town has a number of temples hidden in the labyrinth lanes and by lanes of the town but two temples are prominent on the main road. In addition, there are now concrete paved performance pavilions in the town with high roofs where dance performances are held by many dance groups, which have got established now to cater to the tourism in the town; one such pavilion is in front of the Pura Desa Batuan temple.[7]

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